Weerbewaking Nederland

Weerbewaking Nederland

  • Baron de Selysstraat 12, 6223AM Maastricht, Netherlands

What are we doing?

Weather monitoring The Netherlands is a new concept that provides your event with monitoring and monitoring the weather on location . Weather monitoring The Netherlands has been able to function several times over the years as an extra service that increases the safety of visitors. The weather is increasingly showing its brute force in our small country and more and more events are being added. To provide that extra service, Weerbewaking Nederland has amassed more than enough knowledge about these types of weather. Partly by following studies on (extreme) weather. But it goes beyond just the bad weather. In addition to rain and thunder, wind is also an important factor for, for example, pyrotechnics, banners, cloths, fireworks, etc. The temperature should not be underestimated either. Weather monitoring is not only important at large events or festivals, there are numerous outdoor activities where our services can be requested for a reasonable price .

Weather monitoring on Location

The weather and outdoor events are inextricably linked. Weather monitoring on location provides immediate insight into the weather. With our equipment and software we can map all weather facets for the organization. We use an internet- independent lightning detector where we are able to detect all discharges within a radius of 300km . With a weather expert on location, you can switch much faster during a weather emergency. With 15 years of experience on the field as a "storm chaser" and building and dismantling festivals and the fire brigade, you have the best of all worlds at home.

Remote weather monitoring

We can also monitor your event remotely. We can provide you with information through our software. We keep you and the organization informed about what is to come by telephone, via whatsapp and email. Just as with weather monitoring on location, you will be informed well in advance so that you can already take measures. We also give advice on what to do in certain weather conditions such as a heat wave or hypothermia. The only drawback is that we can act a little less accurately because our source consists of acquired radar images and we cannot see what happens on the ground. If you want really accurate information, we can best function on location.

Rental of weather stations

Another option that we offer is to rent out our weather stations , these weather stations can be used as an aid during an event and come standard with wind, rain, temperature, sun power, UV radiation and much more. Our weather stations are professional and tested. These provide all important weather data per second. If a parameter is exceeded, you will be notified immediately. This can be done on your phone or by email.

Damage investigation

Weather monitoring The Netherlands was created through many years of research into severe weather in our country and our border countries. This is popularly called   stormchasen. Although there are almost no major tornadoes in our country as in America, we still support various bodies with our research. Together with Wetteronline, xtremechasing and Vortex1 we investigate the damage caused by extreme weather conditions. We can see exactly with our investigation whether a tornado or a downwind caused the damage. This is important for some insurance because storm damage is a broad concept. We can then map the difference perfectly.

What are the benefits on location?

The big difference is that from a remote weather room operating the forecast can be estimated less accurately. They use the knowledge and skills obtained through computers, radar systems and data. Often multiple events run on the same day. If the weather suddenly changes, it is difficult to reach by phone because of countless other events that call. While you need an answer very quickly to ensure the safety of your visitors and organization.

A local weather expert and storm chaser at your event is the perfect solution. In this way, you can switch gear immediately during an imminent weather situation. If such a situation arises, the organization will receive detailed information about the weather and can directly contact the organization, emergency services and municipality. Weather stress is taken off your shoulders this way. This way you can focus on what is most important, namely pay attention to your sponsors, artists and audience.

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