Ardore Pizzakraam

Ardore Pizzakraam

  • Pulsebaan 80, 2275 Lille, Belgium

During a certain period of time we make about 12 different types of fresh pizza in our wood oven, ranging from a number of traditional pizzas (margherita, hawaii, vegetarian, 4 cheeses, salami, ...) to a number of more refined pizzas (carpaccio of beef, arugula- parmegiano, anchovy artichoke, crayfish, ...). This until everyone has enough.

Our pizzas are baked directly on the stone floor which is warm, creating a crispy crust all over the pizza dough and not just the side. You cannot achieve this effect with an electric oven.

We emphasize fresh . For example, the dough is always prepared myself with fresh ingredients on the day. The ingredients also focus on fresh (fresh tomato sauce, fresh cheeses, fresh vegetables, fresh pineapple, ...).

We provide standard cardboard plates, napkins, fresh herbs and oil, so that the pizza can be eaten straight away. Unfortunately, for practical reasons, we cannot provide stone plates and / or cutlery. If you want to order this, I recommend to work together for this a specialized company in your area. They bring this home and come back to collect the dirt. If interested, I can provide you with contact details.

The pizzas are served in buffet style on a table that we bring ourselves and which is placed close to the guests so that the guests can enjoy a slice of pizza in a pleasant way. The pizzas are cut into pieces so that there is something for everyone and everyone can taste different types. The guests pass at the table and are served a piece of their choice. They can then serve themselves with fresh herbs and oil (spicy oil and basil oil).

We distinguish ourselves from other suppliers by:

  • homemade dough the day itself (flour, water, fresh yeast, limited amount of salt, 1 fresh egg);

  • our fresh ingredients that are not purchased from a wholesaler . For example, we work with fresh leg ham without preservative, fresh pineapple, fresh carpaccio of beef (each time cut off in the morning from fresh meat - not frozen). Our pizza carpaccio, for example, is unique in Belgium.

  • wide range of pizzas (3 to 4 types with meat, 3 to 4 with fish and 3 to 4 vegetarian) so that both adults and children have sufficient choice. Vegetarians or people who only eat fish also have sufficient choice with us;

  • wood-fired ovens for all locations, as well as locations that are difficult to access. In addition to our professionally equipped trailers, we also have wood ovens that do not have to be placed on a trailer and that can be placed quite easily in locations that are difficult to access (eg closed buildings \ apartment) in the garden or on the terrace .

  • clear communication about price that is all in , no small print adding an extra transport cost per km driven or personnel costs for operation, so that the final price is even higher.

In addition, we propose the following without obligation as a supplement to the pizza buffet: starter, dessert, side dish. Here too the philosophy is: limited supply, but the emphasis is on FRESH and Quality.

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