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Lichtletters XXL
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Light letters XXL

make your event stand out with Lichtletters XXL. The first impression determines the feeling for every wedding, marriage proposal or other event and our light letters put a smile on everyone's face! You may want to have your new last name or initials spelled out in lights, or add the word "LOVE." Maybe you have fun and creative ideas of your own? Light lettersXXL can certainly help you with that, because we have the entire alphabet & light numbers from 1 to 9 & symbols such as ''&'' ''#'' ''heart'' in our collection. With our light letters there is no longer a wedding, marriage proposal or party

same! Ever dreamed of having your own text or name in light letters? We make your dreams come true!

Why light letters during your wedding

If you are looking for something extra for your event, you can opt for XXL light letters. Light letters help create the perfect atmosphere and add that extra personal touch that your event needs. Light letters ensure that your event stands out from other events and that people will be talking about for weeks. Whatever your event needs, we can deliver! We love to make your dream come true and help you create your ideal wedding, proposal or event. That is where our passion lies. Let your imagination run wild and contact us today.

A marriage proposal with Marry Me letters

Who doesn't dream of an unforgettable marriage proposal? We can make your dreams come true

live up to! It's your day and that's why it's important that you can enjoy every second of this day. That is why our professionals take care of everything, so that we can completely unburden you.

Often chosen for a marriage proposal with light letters are the Marry Me letters and the heart symbol. With us you can also choose one of our wedding packages, so that we can take away all your worries and create an unforgettable setting for the perfect marriage proposal.

Do you want to rent Marry Me light letters for your marriage proposal? Take a quick look at our marriage proposal

packages page for all the information for an unforgettable marriage proposal.

Wedding letters as instant wow factor

Our XXL light letters should of course not be missing for the wedding itself. From our ever-popular 'LOVE' wedding letters to our 'MR & MRS' illuminated letters, or even illuminate your initials with our illuminated letters. Our letters can be ordered according to your wishes. We believe that the wedding letters create an instant WOW factor during your wedding and will definitely be a big talking point for your guests. Our letters are supplied with warm white LED lamps that provide a warm and atmospheric glow.

Rent light letters at light lettersXXL for every event

We don't just do weddings or marriage proposals! You can rent our light letters for all events. If you're celebrating a birthday, let us illuminate your birthday with illuminated numbers! Or when you have created a table with all kinds of tasty snacks, put a nice table top behind it with the letters 'CAKE' or 'SWEETS' on it. If there is a bar, you can illuminate it

with 'BAR' letters!

For a baby shower or gender reveal you can choose letters such as 'BABY', 'BOY' or 'GIRL'. Or maybe you are planning a photo shoot? We can bring out several light letters. We are happy to stay all day to help move our letters and offer our experience and tips.

Baby showers, corporate parties, store openings and gender reveals, we are here to bring your event to life with our original luminous letters. If you have a large open space that you want to fill or if you want to create an intimate and cozy atmosphere, we have the perfect light letters that will put a smile on everyone's face. If you need help or have any questions about our light letters, please contact us or send

a WhatsApp to +31 621369221 for more information.

The XXL light letters

Our XXL light letters are 1 meter high and approximately 88 centimeters wide. All our XXL light letters have a white paint layer. The letters are made of wood and weigh about 8 kilos each. All our letters are equipped with LED lighting. The LED lighting not only creates a romantic atmosphere, but is also low in power consumption.

We have many different letters, numbers and symbols in our range. You can choose any combination you can think of. Take a look at our extensive photo page for inspiration - the only limit is your imagination! Check out our photo page for more inspiration. Would you like more ideas? We are happy to help you! Check out our photo page for more inspiration. On our photo page we show some of our most popular ranges and rental options. You can also always contact us for advice. We are happy to help you think of which letters you want to use at your event.

No power point? No problem!

It sometimes happens that you organize a party and because of all the hustle and bustle you overlook something, such as a power point for the light letters. Or you want to install the light letters in a place where it is difficult or impossible to reach a power point. Then we have good news! We have an aggregate at our disposal, so we can easily solve your problem and deliver it with the light letters.

No deposit

We do not ask for a deposit when renting our light letters. We assume that our light letters are handled with care. If afterwards it turns out to be damage or stains on our light letters, we can recover this from the tenant. More information about damage/stains can be found in our general terms and conditions.

Small accidents can happen at a party, we are convinced that we can work it out together.

Delivery charge

We charge €0.19 cents per km (calculated from Ulft, Gelderland), of course the installation is free of charge. We can also pick up the light letters immediately after the party. We can of course discuss this in advance of the party or event.

Reserve light letters for the perfect wedding or marriage proposal. Do you already know exactly which light letters you want to rent? Or do you have a few more questions you'd like to discuss? Please contact us via the contact form . We respond within 10 minutes on average!

Lichtletters XXL
Wedding letters as instant wow factor
05 September 2022

Our XXL light letters should of course not be missing for the wedding itself. From our always

popular 'LOVE' wedding letters to our 'MR & MRS' light letters, or even illuminate your initials with

our light letters. Our letters can be ordered according to your wishes. We believe that the

wedding letters creates an instant WOW factor during your wedding ...

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Lichtletters XXL
Make your event stand out with the help of Lichtletters!
03 September 2022

Rent light letters. Our light letters are available for all types of events. Think of: birthdays, baby showers, concerts, clip shoots, fairs, performances and our letters can also be used to make your business premises stand out more.

A to Z , 0 to 9 & special characters

Any combination is possible.

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