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A special alternative

Grief and loss is personal and unique. Big or very intimate. O'Revoir wants to give each farewell a personal, unique and authentic character. That is why we offer that little bit more and dare to push boundaries.

More and more people are opting for an alternative farewell where there is room for individuality and where the next of kin can record memories together in the way that best suits the deceased.

For the surviving relative, O'Revoir is the partner with expertise to work tailor-made in the near future on a farewell ceremony that colors outside the traditional lines. Which reflects the life of the deceased. Who dares to celebrate life.

If you want to take control of his or her farewell yourself, or the surviving relatives who want to put the deceased in the spotlight in an original way for the last time, you can contact O'Revoir.

We are in fact the ritual counselors, masters of ceremonies of the 'party' that entails a death, in which we arrange everything down to the last detail. The surviving relatives do not have to arrange or walk.

From the first contact with the client or the next of kin, we think along at O'Revoir - with an open mind and breaking the taboo.

In addition to farewell planning, O'Revoir can also provide other services including wish planning, end-of-life doula, coaching, training and events. O'Revoir works exclusively with professionals for all services.

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